Are you ready to lead?

What if school was organized around skills, instead of subjects? If your class conversations were centered on empathy, problem solving, resilience, and risk taking, instead of math or history? What if you were given a chance to see what you’re capable of, without limitations and expectations—no rubrics, grades, or examples.

At Akimbo, we believe education is different than learning. Education is mandatory. Learning is something you choose to do. Here at Akimbo, we learn together. We remove traditional barriers and, instead, choose to lean into the possibility of, “What if things were different?”

We created The Emerging Leaders Program as a way for the next generation of leaders to find each other, to have a chance to see what they’re capable of, and decide to step up and make things better.

The Emerging Leaders Program is for young people who care about where we’re heading in the world and want to be the voices that lead the way. It’s for those who want to make a difference. It’s a cohort of students who are eager to learn the real skills needed to make an impact in this ever-changing world.

This program is fast-paced. It’s only five days. We’ll learn together and complete projects quickly. We’ll see things differently by the end. There’s no rubric for how to do the projects, because at Akimbo, we know that there’s no one right way.

You’ll work way harder than you expected, and leave with so much more.

You will be challenged to think differently and produce your best work. You will finish with a new-found clarity about what’s next for you. You will likely learn more in these five days than you will all year.

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