Array is the first full-stack web engineering, computer programming, technology apprenticeship program in Wyoming. In February 2020, Array became a Registered Apprenticeship Program via the US Department of Labor. Get paid as you learn to code, program, and develop software, websites and more with Array School of Technology and Design.

We set out to do something a little different…

The Array School of Technology and Design, or simply just Array, is a place where education, technology and design converge. With our eye on the future and our feet firmly planted in our community, we’re building the world we want one student at a time.

About Array

Our Purpose

The Array School of Technology and Design is Wyoming’s first private accelerated coding and design school. We are located in the heart of downtown Cheyenne in a historic building at the corner of Central Avenue and Lincolnway. Our curriculum and classroom culture are designed to take a person of any age or experience level and transform them into professional front-end or back-end engineers. Our team consists of some of the most exceptional local leaders, entrepreneurs, designers and tech industry veterans. Our mission is nothing short of delivering a world-class educational experience that gives our students a new skill set to become great new employees in the technology industry.

Array Purpose

Our Credo

Array is a school of thinkers, doers, and creators.
A community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and knowledge.
A home for those who feel they have something worth sharing with the world.

We connect the dots of the past to design the future.
We forge raw talent to make the impossible possible.
We become what we want to be by not remaining who we are.

Together, we are an array.
A systematic collection of those who share common traits.
Listening with our hearts, feeling with our souls, and seeing the stars makes us dream.

Our Mission & Objectives

Our vision is to build a world-class coding, technology, and design school in the heart of downtown Cheyenne. A community of thinkers, doers, and entrepreneurs who share the vision and passion for creating beautiful things and moving our society forward. It will be our mission to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary by:

  • Delivering best in class, hands-on, practical education in technology, business, and design
  • Providing access to opportunities that build skills and confidence in one’s career
  • Creating new opportunities for city, state, and local businesses to fill their tech hiring needs
  • Engaging our students and the community in open discussions and workshops
  • Promoting the importance of computer science education from K-12, college, and post secondary education
  • Building a local network of entrepreneurs, industry partners, and partners invested in each others success
  • Designing an environment that fosters creativity, community building, and innovation where we all want to come, learn, and work
Array Tree

Executive Team & School Leadership

Eric Trowbridge

Eric Trowbridge

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Trowbridge commonly referred to by his initials, ET, is the Chief Executive Officer of The Array School of Technology and Design. He was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming and graduated from Central High School in 2004.

ET then moved to San Francisco to study art direction and later relocated to Los Angeles to work in the film industry for various art and design departments on short and feature films. He then began working for Apple in a leadership capacity for eight years in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. In 2014, he left Apple to pursue technology-oriented entrepreneurship endeavors in Wyoming.

ET helped found Array in 2016, which became Wyoming’s first accelerated private school teaching graphic design, computer science fundamentals, and web development among other subject areas. In 2018, he was appointed by the City of Cheyenne’s Mayor to chair a city-wide broadband task force exploring solutions to affordable and high-speed broadband efforts for the City. Later that year, ET was appointed by Wyoming’s Governor to serve a four-year term on the state’s Workforce Development Council.

Jason Hammock

Jason Hammock

Chief Technology Officer

Jason Hammock received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Finance (2009) from The University of Hawaii. Mr. Hammock is the Lead Instructor at The Array School of Technology and Design and has nearly a decade of experience with backend technology, developing software, building large scale web applications and databases,and leading coding and code review projects. He has been the Lead Instructor at Array since November 2018, was a Senior Developer with West Edge Collective from 2015-2018, and a Statistical Analyst and Software Engineer with Sierra Trading Post from 2010-2015.

Jason Berner

Jason Berner

Chief Creative Officer

Jason Berner is a creative professional with the innate ability to approach any problem with a creative solution. Collaborating with businesses across a myriad of industries, Jason has a 24 year investment in the unique art of storytelling. He has strived to empower businesses to achieve their goals by engaging with their audiences and helping them find their own creative voice in a uniquely relatable way. He cut his teeth in the deadline driven business of newspaper publishing, designing ads and building layouts before eventually graduating into the realm of in-house marketing departments where his crafted marketing efforts opened the door to a ten year career in the competitive world of advertising, earning him the role of Creative Director.

During that journey, Jason led teams of creative professional videographers, video editors, web developers, graphic designers and copywriters producing visually dynamic, engaging content focused on achieving worthwhile goals. Sharing his knowledge and experience with his teams, while guiding them to meet their own professional goals, Jason recognized his true passion…teaching. He believes that showing someone how to unlock their potential and bring their ideas to life is what he was meant to do. His philosophy on cultivating creative skills centers around this one simple idea, can he in some way bring his expertise and understanding to bear on the problem someone is trying to solve and in the process teach them a new skill for the future and a new way to tackle challenges. At The Array School of Technology and Design, Jason is doing what he does best…discovering, mentoring and paving the way for the next generation of creative professionals.

Amy Surdam

Amy Surdam

Chief Operating Officer

Amy has proudly lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming since age 11. She graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1996 with a BSN, and in 2004 with a MSN. She serves in the Wyoming Army National Guard as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Amy’s talent and passion lies in strategic planning, public relations, public speaking, leadership, connecting people together, and making a difference. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, running, and creating a better tomorrow.

Dan Surdam

Dan Surdam

Chief Strategic Officer

Dr. Surdam was born and raised in Laramie, Wyoming. He graduated from Colorado College in 1997 and Creighton Medical School in 2002. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX. He served as the Medical Director of the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Emergency Department and the Operations Manager of Cheyenne Regional Urgent Care for many years and was previous owner of Frontier Emergency Physicians. Dr. Surdam has owned a billing company and several urgent care centers in Wyoming and Texas. He is a true entrepreneur with a desire to help Wyoming and its people gain better access to quality, affordable healthcare. Dr. Surdam enjoys golf, fishing, travel, and spending time with his family, especially his beautiful wife.

Scott Wisniewski

Scott Wisniewski

Chief Financial Officer

Wisniewski Wealth Management was first born an idea. Scott saw there was a problem—a malpractice in the financial realm and a breakdown of trust. Client’s needs simply were not being met.

The only solution was to create an environment with unbiased advice, a scientific investment approach, a fined-tuned consulting process, all delivered by seasoned-experts that care. This is how Wisniewski Wealth Management has been operating since 2009… and clients experience the difference.

Kent Tlustos

Kent Tlustos

Back-End Software Engineer

Kent Tlustos is a Backend Software Engineer at The Array School of Technology and Design. He was born in Laramie, Wyoming before moving around quite a few times and ending up in Casper, Wyoming where he graduated from Natrona County High School in 2007.

After high school, he took a break from education and he ended up working in a multitude of different sales positions, from door-to-door vacuum sales to automotive sales before transitioning to the railroad for a time.

In 2016, Kent moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming to attend the first class at The Array School of Technology and Design to make a career shift from the energy industry into the tech industry where he realized his passion for backend software engineering, database design and implementation, and web development. After graduating from Array, he went to work for a local software development company before returning to Array as a staff member in 2019.

Robin Trowbridge

Community Manager

Let’s be friends, shall we?

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Apprenticeships @ Array

In February 2020, Array became a Registered Apprenticeship Program via the US Department of Labor. We are the first full-stack web engineering, computer programming, technology apprenticeship program in Wyoming.

Array Apprenticeships

Array Apprenticeships Pay People To Learn

Apprentices start at $15 per hour, progress to $16.07, and end the program at $17.07. Competency-based wage progression means that when apprentices master new competencies, they get a raise.

At the end of the year-long apprenticeship, the apprentice has the opportunity to work full-time for the project partner.BECOME AN APPRENTICE

Array Apprenticeships Find and Train The Right People

All project partner projects receive senior oversight from our staff here at Array, making sure that the work done on the project meets and exceeds our high standards.

Project partners get an employee that has been trained by Array on a project specified by the project partner and is excited to work full-time and continue to grow in the tech industry.BECOME A PROJECT PARTNER

How does it work?

Array works with project partners to identify if their projects would be a good fit for the Array Apprenticeship program. Together, Array and the project partner determine the type of apprenticeship that would be the best fit for the project.

Next, Array begins to vet potential candidates for the apprenticeship, making sure that the candidate meets the desired qualifications specified by the project partner.

Once a candidate is selected, the candidate begins the apprenticeship in the four-month Array Bootcamp. Apprentices will learn computer science fundamentals, graphic design fundamentals, and full-stack web development. During the four months, Array senior staff begins working with the project partner to build project plans, set milestones, and prepare environments for the apprentice.

With the Array Bootcamp completed, the apprentice begins working on the project partner’s project. An Array senior staff member will mentor the apprentice through the completion of the project, and the apprentice will get paid for their work on the project.

At the end of the Array Apprenticeship program, the project partner gets their project and an apprentice trained to their specifications. The apprentice has a new career in a growing field, and Wyoming’s economy benefits.

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