XR Development with Unity

A project-based 10-week live online course covering the foundational skillset in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) development using industry-standard tools, while emphasizing the opportunity to get hands-on. During the course, you will build seven real-world projects, along with your own idea.

This course will prepare you to earn a Unity Associate Programmer certificate.

Live Online Tutorials


Learn the best tools, processes, and workflows for a foundation in XR design and development. Join weekly classes built to teach you the fundamentals of building mixed reality, AR, and VR experiences with Unity.

Unlike pre-recorded tutorials, you get the benefit of a dedicated team of Unity-certified instructors and industry mentors helping you build your skills and portfolio.

Office Hours


Each week, 5 office hour time slots of 1 hour will be offered. You can use the time to drop in and meet with instructors to: ask any questions you have to help work through specific problems or expand on bigger questions about the course or the industry.

Live 1:1 Sessions*


Each week includes one hour of 1:1 mentorship where you will connect with a qualified expert and get hands-on building your personal project.

*Only included for Plus Package students

  • This is a beginner friendly course, no previous experience required
  • Unity Version 2020 LTS (Free Download)
  • A laptop or computer (Mac or PC)
  • No headset required

1. Introduction to Unity

In this first section we’ll go over the basics. We’ll cover navigating the editor for all the beginners and throw in some helpful tips along the way for the more advanced ones. 

Then we’ll move on to manipulating objects in the scene, making them pretty with materials, saving them with prefabs, modifying them with ProBuilder, and even importing them from the asset store. No code, just the sound fundamentals of working with assets in the editor that every project needs!

2. Programming in Unity with C#

3. Introduction to AR with Vuforia

4. Introduction to VR in Unity

5. Implementing VR Locomotion

6. Implementing VR Interactions

7. Introduction to AR Foundation

8. Final Project