Career & Professional Exploration and Development (UGST-100)
Undertake an introduction to the career development process, from career
exploration through self-marketing to finding a job.
Basic Statistics (STAT-202 or STAT-203)
Explore data presentation, display, and summary; averages, dispersion,
simple linear regression, and correlation; probability; sampling distributions;
confidence intervals; and tests of significance using statistical software.
Offered with and without calculus.
Statistical Programming in R (STAT-412)
Learn the basics of programming using the open source statistical program
R. Skills include imputing data, performing basic analyses, graphing, data
types, control structures and functions in base R, and using packages to
expand R’s capabilities.
Cybersecurity Risk Management (ITEC-466)
Examine the risks associated with information management in the digital
economy, the most effective personal and business practices to manage these
risks, and the associated information forensics to understand where and
how information can be traced.
Introduction to Political Research (GOVT-310)
This course offers an introduction to political science research including how
theories are generated, operationalized, and tested, how studies are designed,
and how data is collected and analyzed using statistical techniques. By
engaging with cutting-edge research and developing their own major
project applying analytic and statistical methods to contemporary
political problems, students develop essential research skills.
Introduction to Justice Research (JLC-280)
This course focuses on the scientific study of people and their interactions,
in particular questions related to crime, justice, and political violence. The
course gives students the tools to analyze and understand social science
research (i.e., be a consumer of research). It also provides quantitative
skills in game theory, probability, statistics, and programming to serve
as a foundation to becoming a producer of social science research.

The Data Analytics and Digital Technology Certificate is a 17-hour certificate program that prepares students to apply data science to generate insights from data and identify and predict trends. This includes instruction in
computer databases, computer programming, inference, machine learning, optimization, probability and stochastic models, statistics, strategy, uncertainty quantification, and visual analytics. Students will be exposed to knowledge, skills, and abilities around six different areas:
Greater Washington Partnership’s
· The Role of Data and Analytics
· Probability and Descriptive and
Inferential Statistics
· Data Manipulation
· Data Visualization
and Communication
· Data Ethics
· Data Security

The Greater Washington Partnership (GWP) is an organization which seeks to promote economic growth throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. In summer 2018, the GWP announced the launch of the Capital CoLAB (Collaborative of Leaders in Academia and Business), a first-of-its-kind alliance of university and
business leaders who have come together to take action
to strengthen the Capital Region and position the region
as a leading global hub for innovation. This certificate is
designed for students seeking to acquire digital technology
skills required by employers across a broad range of

CoLAB Partners
• American University
• Georgetown University
• George Mason
• The George
Washington University
• Howard University
• Johns Hopkins
• University of Maryland
• University of Richmond
• University of Virginia
• Virginia
• Virginia Tech
• Amazon
• Capital One
• Exelon
• EY
• JPMorgan Chase & Co
• MedImmune
• MedStar Health
• Monumental Sports &
• McKinsey & Company
• Northrop Grumman
• Under Armour

• 17 credit hour certificate
program works with any major
but specifically pairs with
BS in Data Sciences for
Political Science
BS in Data Sciences for
Justice, Law, & Criminology
• Participate in specific
programming for students
pursuing this certificate
• Access to unique internships
with CoLAB businesses
• Need at least a 3.0 GPA

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