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Choose a Pathway to a Fulfilling Career

IndigoPathway begins with knowing yourself. Take the career finder quiz then find a path that aligns with your personal strengths, motivators, and behaviors.

Our approach focuses on careers that don’t require a four-year degree but still lead to a purpose-driven happy life.

Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

How does the Indigo Career Pathway Test work?

IndigoPathway is an all-in-one solution. Our 7-minute, DISC-based personality assessment will provide you with descriptions of personal strengths, motivators, behaviors, and communication styles. Then, based on your results, you’ll get a list of highly-accurate, highly-curated career matches.

Take the 7-minute career path quiz to reveal your strengths and career matches.

Explore new career pathways on our industry insider pages.

Find faster & cheaper alternatives to traditional college on the Pathway Database.

Take the first step into your new life by making the jump and starting your career journey.

Why IndigoPathway?

Change Careers with Confidence in your Self-Knowledge

IndigoPathway was built with the goal of pointing you towards a job you’ll love that pays the bills. It starts by knowing who you are, believing in your purpose, and discovering exactly where you will shine.

Once you get clear on YOU, it’s much easier to make good life choices.

What is the IndigoPathway survey?

 A career finder quiz that matches your unique motivators and behavioral style to high-demand career fields.

Get clear about what a fulfilling career means to you.

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Indigo Best Career Pathway Test
Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

Find your perfect fit.

Get career matches that align with your BEST self. We match behavioral styles, strengths, and motivators for a multi-dimensional view.

Walk through the survey and results.

See what it's like to go through the IndigoPathway quiz and receive your results.

Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

Maximize your results!

Go further with your results and upgrade your experience to one of our premium options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover your behaviors (DISC), motivators, and career matches.

In 7 minutes, the IndigoPathway Survey will provide you with detailed information on the following:

  • Key strengths, what makes you unique!
  • DISC behavior graph explaining how you work best on a team, what types of jobs you’d love, and how you can manage your stress and energy. 
  • Top 2 motivators and how that relates to your personal fulfillment and the type of industry or company you want to work for. 
  • Questions to ask yourself for deeper self reflection and to bring out your best self. 
  • A wide range of possible career matches with links to insider industry information and unique educational paths to start that career.  
Faster and less expensive alternatives to college

There are so many college databases (like Noodle and CollegeData), but not many curated sites for alternatives to a 4-year degree that are directly related to landing a job. Most people in transition don’t have the time or money to spend on traditional college. We believe industries are changing fast and many of the newest and highest paying jobs don’t require a traditional degree. IndigoPathway aims to provide ideas and information on affordable and unique opportunities, not to be an exhaustive resource of all of the programs out there.

In addition to a database of opportunities, our site guidance and advice from industry experts for finding jobs and moving ahead in new industries. We suggest you start by exploring these industry insider pages and browsing related education programs. For even more opportunities, community colleges and local technical schools also offer resources. Sites like Alternatives to College can also help you broaden your search and can be used in conjunction with IndigoPathway.

Please add a listing now!

IndigoPathway is always looking to expand its resources. If you have an organization or site you think could be helpful, add a new listing here, or claim an existing one here to update it. Also, leave a review for programs you have personally experienced.

Indigo Impact Initiative, the 501c3 non-profit arm of Indigo Education Company, operates and supports  When COVID-19 began, we at Indigo wanted to create a free resource for the millions of unemployed Americans and the high school students who didn’t have access to Indigo’s services through their schools. With a small team of dedicated individuals and an even smaller budget, Indigo is proud to point people looking for purpose and opportunity in the right direction. Help Indigo keep this site free to users and away from ads by donating now.

What are our users saying?

“This assessment helped me realize my strengths and how to use them to my advantage. I am entirely grateful and excited to land the perfect job!"

- Balanced Helper


“This really made me realize the opportunities that I have in front of me and is making me think about doing things that I’d never thought I’d do.”

- Natural Performer


“Indigo was extremely interesting and accurate! It really helped me get a better idea of myself, what I want to do, and what I want to learn.”

- Independent Learner


Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

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The IndigoPathway Survey is a personal educational tool to help individuals in career selection or transition. Our survey is NOT intended for corporate hiring or development.

If you are interested in an EEOC and OFCCP compliant tool for your company please contact Indigo’s corporate partner Target Training International.