Indigo Pathway

Self-awareness based career readiness for students.

Help your students know themselves and choose a fulfilling career

IndigoPathway is a great solution to any high school’s career readiness or CTE program! Our 7-minute self-awareness assessment provides each student with descriptions of personal strengths, motivators, behaviors (DISC) and communication styles.

Then, based on their results, students get a list of highly accurate, highly curated career matches that don’t require a four-year degree. 

Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

How do High Schools use IndigoPathway?

High schools use IndigoPathway in a variety of ways from one teacher using our free assessment in a class to a whole school future-ready student framework.

Get started right now by assigning the survey in your class and using the results to facilitate a powerful self-awareness based career readiness conversation. Students can share their results with teachers and parents using a link on their Results Summary page.

Because we feature non-degree options, IndigoPathway is a great first step for students entering Career and Technical Education to choose the best fit program.

DISC is the world’s most popular team building assessment. Use IndigoPathway to improve communication, help your students become self-aware leaders, and work together more effectively.

Our premium version of IndigoPathway includes an educator dashboard so you can view all your students’ IndigoPathway results at a glance, LTI integration into most LMS’s, and certification for your educators to increase classroom engagement using the results.

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Indigo Best Career Pathway Test
Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

– IndigoPathway Dashboard

Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

IndigoPathway Assessment 

  • Assign the quiz in any class and point students to
  • Students can share their results with parents, teachers, and peers via our unique share link on the summary page. You can also add this share to an LMS or online course custom field. 

School Dashboard

$1,500 per year

  • View all your students’ results for career counseling, teaming, or engaging through our secure dashboard. 
    • Available for the 2022-2023 school year. 
    • $1500 dashboard license per year (no minimum or maximum number of students).
    • $2 per student for Single Sign-On/LMS integration  and automatic rostering available.
    • $3 per student for IndigoActivate Online Course for Career and College Readiness.
    • Apply CARES funding.
    • Professional development, activities, integration and consulting available.
    • Contact us for additional programming and pricing.

Indigo Certifications

$500 per person

  • Learn how to maximize the IndigoPathway results in the classroom and career counseling.
    • Group zoom based sessions with an online course.
    • All materials and school activities included.

School-Based Dashboard

The IndigoPathway Educator Dashboard includes the following benefits:

  • The ability for teachers, counselors, and administrators to securely view their student’s IndigoPathway results. 
  • Automatic teaming for project based learning and seating assignments. 
  • Access to our monthly educator webinar series.
  • Top 10 IndigoPathway activities for career readiness. 
  • Access to Indigo Education’s customer support team.

How to Incorporate IndigoPathway Into Your School Program

Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

1. Assign the Survey

Students take the 7-minute career path, self-awareness quiz.

Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

2. Deepen Connection

Review the results of the quiz with students to deepen engagement and improve self-confidence.

Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

3. Explore Pathways

Find best-fit career matches and faster, and explore the education program database.

Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

4. Take Action

Help students take the first step toward a fulfilling future!

Why IndigoPathway?

Give your students the confidence of self-knowledge

We believe future-ready success starts with students knowing who they are, believing in their purpose, and discovering exactly where they will shine.

IndigoPathway is a meaningful tool to start your student’s career journey. After working 9 years in 30 states, the Indigo Education Company saw a need for a career-focused product that schools across the country could easily use.

We still offer our deeper and broader validated Indigo Assessment including 21st century skills and Social Emotional Learning perceptions with over 100 additional data points for student responsive learning. 

Learn more about the Indigo philosophy and impact in the video.

Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

Educator Certifications

We offer quarterly Zoom-based certification courses for counselors, teachers, and educators who want to learn how to maximize the IndigoPathway results in the classroom and career counseling.

Learn the details on motivators for classroom engagement, DISC for communication, and receive valuable classroom activities for all grade levels.

Students Love IndigoPathway!

“This assessment helped me realize my strengths and how to use them to my advantage. I am entirely grateful and excited to land the perfect job!"

- Balanced Helper


“This really made me realize the opportunities that I have in front of me and is making me think about doing things that I’d never thought I’d do.”

- Natural Performer


“Indigo was extremely interesting and accurate! It really helped me get a better idea of myself, what I want to do, and what I want to learn.”

- Independent Learner


Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

Discover your intrinsic genius today!

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