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Marketing is the industry of advertising and prompting customers to make purchases or take actions. Marketing career pathways can be diverse, but most involve creative methods of drawing in potential customers. Today, marketing encompasses traditional advertising practices, such as those provided by an agency, as well as the new realms of online and social media marketing that are still being created.

Nearly all companies across the world engage in marketing. The power to change people’s perceptions of goods, services, ideals, political actions, and even the way people think comes from good marketing. Marketing enacts change, so it’s important to think about how you want to impact people’s perceptions and what you may or may not want to promote.

People who have gone into marketing careers love to solve problems with creative solutions and know how to appeal to larger audiences. Since this is a people-focused industry, marketing professionals constantly work in teams and with clients looking to expand their business. Marketing can be a fairly competitive industry; there aren’t too many marketing jobs without degrees. However, with the growing industry of social media marketing, if you have a history of success there will be opportunities.

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