Understanding Your Motivators: Utilitarian

The Utilitarian motivator selected.


Desire for a return on investment of time, energy, or money.

People who have a High Utilitarian motivator want an opportunity to get a practical return for their resources. High Utilitarians are best engaged when they understand the return on investment they will get from their education. Passionate Utilitarians will want to be surrounded by people who are going places and care about ROI. If you are High Utilitarian, look into taking business classes.

Passionate Utilitarians tend to be dislike most school environments, because Utilitarian is generally the last motivator of educators. Keeping this in mind, it’s important you make sure the program/ major/ college you choose helps you to achieve your personal goals as quickly as possible. Do your research – an alternative pathway may appeal to you.

Reflection Questions: High Utilitarian

If Utilitarian is one of your top two motivators, consider the questions below.  Remember, the higher your score is, the more you may feel passionate about that motivator. If you have a very high score, think about how it might stand out in your life and how you can use your passion in practical ways. The lower your score is, the more negative you probably feel about that motivator.

What role does money play in your decisions?

What kind of rewards do you want to achieve?

How do you strive for more efficiency and productivity in your life?

How do you drive towards tangible, practical results?

Do you feel like additional education here will help you reach your goal efficiently?

Have you looked into ways to achieve your dream career?

Motivators can help you know what you want most out of your career and future plans. Do your future plans align with your top motivators?

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