Cracking the Interview Code: Expert Tips for High C (Compliance) Candidates

High C (Compliance) Interview Tips

Preparing for a job interview by focusing on your strengths can give you a competitive edge and show the interviewer why you would be a good fit for the role. By understanding your unique qualities as someone who is High Compliance (High C) on IndigoPathway’s DISC assessment and preparing to articulate them effectively, you can increase your confidence and improve your chances of landing the job.

High Compliance as seen on IndigoPathway's graph

Someone who scores above 50 in the DISC Influencing behavioral style (blue bar on the DISC graph) is considered “high” in that style.

Here are a few interview tips for a high compliance personality on the IndigoPathway DISC assessment:

Show your attention to detail.

High C (compliance) individuals tend to be detail-oriented. So be sure to give specific examples and be able to back up your qualifications and experience with concrete details.

Show your reliability and responsibility.

High C (compliance) individuals tend to be reliable and responsible. So highlight any experiences or accomplishments that demonstrate these traits.

Show your ability to follow rules and procedures.

High C (compliance) individuals tend to be rule-abiding. So show your ability to follow rules and procedures and to understand and respect company policies.

Show your ability to work independently.

High C (compliance) individuals tend to be self-motivated, so show your ability to work independently and to take initiative.

Show your ability to meet deadlines and to be punctual.

High C (compliance) individuals tend to be punctual and reliable. So be sure to arrive on time for the interview and be able to give examples of your ability to meet deadlines.

Show your ability to take direction and to work well with a team.

High C (compliance) individuals tend to be good at following direction. So show your ability to work well with a team and to take direction from others.

Show your commitment to learning and growth.

High C (compliance) individuals tend to be dedicated to learning and growing. So be prepared to discuss your professional development plans and how you are constantly seeking to improve your skills and knowledge.

As a high C personality, you bring a strong focus on accuracy, analysis, and precision to everything you do. When considering new job opportunities, it’s important to find a corporate culture that values these traits and allows you to work in a structured and analytical manner. Also look for a role that aligns with your strengths, such as your attention to detail and ability to make data-driven decisions. Furthermore, by embracing your natural style and tapping into your zone of genius, you will excel in a role where you can make a positive impact through your focus on accuracy and thorough analysis.

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