Longmont Economic Development Partnership launches new website featuring IndigoPathway as technology partner.

Longmont Economic Development Partnership launched a new website designed to support national talent acquisition and pique the interest of prospective employees and businesses across numerous industries to relocate to Longmont.  “Indigo, in partnership with Longmont EDP, is thrilled to offer meaningful career exploration for our company’s hometown. Our Pathway platform allows existing and new community […]

Partnership: Goodwill Houston and IndigoPathway Announce Successful Pilot Program

Goodwill Houston is proud to announce a successful pilot program of the IndigoPathway Career Assessment tool. Goodwill Houston’s Success Coaching team — who provides direct career guidance, coaching, and supportive services to Goodwill’s team members — utilized the assessment tool to help team members find opportunities in their current career track and potential pathways. In […]

8 Personality Traits that Aid a Career in Coding

8 Personality Traits that Aid a Career in Coding In addition to a thorough understanding of coding languages, other aspects influence programming expertise. Examples are your surroundings, previous job, and talent. Successful coders share various personal traits. While most are inborn, you can also learn some through motivation, discipline, and consistency. The eight most suitable […]