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Harmony Community Development Corporation and IndigoPathway Announce Partnership

Harmony Community Development Corporation (Harmony CDC), in partnership with IndigoPathway, aims to empower individuals who are unemployed or underemployed by providing case management through coaching, action planning, services, and resources. This is accomplished through Harmony CDC’s eight-week workforce development model where participants learn critical skills necessary for employment in today’s workforce based on identified jobs. IndigoPathway becomes invaluable by helping build self-awareness for participants by assisting them to better articulate who they are, what they are passionate about, and helping them discover the “Why” through scientifically proven assessments. 

About Harmony CDC: Established as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in 2001 by Concord Church under the leadership of Dr E.K. Bailey. We were organized to stimulate the development of affordable housing, create business ownership, and increase social services. Dr Bryan Carter re-established Harmony CDC in 2007 to make strides towards impacting the community through resources, social services, and programs. Harmony targets residents of the South Oak Cliff area of Dallas, with additional concentration throughout the southern sector of Dallas, including Best Southwest cities of Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville, and Lancaster.

Our coaches also use the IndigoPathway report in their conversations with members around career choices and help them identify the right environments for which they are best suited to thrive in both work life and personal life. Through this, we can guide self-improvement and choose certificate programs to complement their interests as well as foster an intentional approach to why they are pursuing specific careers, roles, and organizations.

Through our values of collaboration, community, compassion, Christ-centeredness, and commitment, we transform communities to become whole and empowered and strive to impact the community through resources, social services, and programs.

“Harmony CDC advancing God's presence by strengthening families and revitalizing neighbourhoods through community-driven and solution-oriented approaches."

"Transforming communities to become whole and empowered.

About IndigoPathway: IndigoPathway offers a free 7-minute innovative self-awareness assessment, helping people find fulfilling careers and job roles that match their inherent qualities. The comprehensive report includes DISC style, motivators, communication tips, reflection questions, personalized career advice, ideal working environment, and strengths-based language to use on resumes and LinkedIn pages. Indigo also has top tips for each career, educational programs, and numerous free resources such as educational videos on all of the report components.

Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

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