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Longmont Economic Development Partnership launches new website featuring IndigoPathway as technology partner.

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Indigo Best Career Pathway Test

Longmont Economic Development Partnership launched a new website designed to support national talent acquisition and pique the interest of prospective employees and businesses across numerous industries to relocate to Longmont. 

“Indigo, in partnership with Longmont EDP, is thrilled to offer meaningful career exploration for our company's hometown. Our Pathway platform allows existing and new community members to discover their intrinsic gifts and find rewarding jobs locally. This tool also helps Longmont employers connect with team members who align with their businesses' culture and values. It's a win-win for the future of work!”

Sheri Smith

A Pathway to Careers in Longmont

The new website featuring IndigoPathway was designed by a local marketing company, Avocet Communications, and includes the following attributes include:

  • A link to Longmont Career Pathways, a newly unveiled platform built by Longmont-based technology company Indigo Education Company, helps individuals in career selection or transition. Visitors will have a quick and easy way to look for jobs in Longmont and/or have the option to take a career matching quiz that can point users toward education and training opportunities.
  • An interactive “choose your Longmont neighborhood” section. This Cornerstone Home Lending-created experience includes a fun quiz that helps users narrow down and learn more about various Longmont neighborhoods and links to a proprietary home search app.
  • A new data hub that includes data points, charts, and maps that highlight some of the key metrics for understanding Longmont’s economy in terms of workforce, industry, and livability.
  •  Links to local lifestyle and family-related sites such as the St. Vrain Valley School District and surrounding colleges, groups that represent Longmont’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Visit Longmont, and the Longmont Downtown Development Authority.
Longmont EDP Career Survey Results

“The new website’s functionality presents a strong offering to our national talent audience by allowing them to search for jobs and to find the best Longmont neighborhood for them,” said Jessica Erickson, president of Longmont EDP. “And it goes further by integrating other sites and organizations they need to know about to make an informed decision for their lives and for their careers. The site also provides Longmont EDP the ability to capture user information to remarket to them and assist in making that decision more personal and more impactful.”

Jessica Erickson

Read the Biz West Article about the launch here: 


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