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Business Support

Business support represents a huge industry of services and jobs geared towards B2B (business to business) transactions and helping businesses move through their normal operations. Many businesses specialize in selling or providing services to other businesses, such as ad agencies, equipment sales, and more. Operational careers that help businesses run their day to day often don’t require a college degree. This includes roles like executive assistant, data entry, customer service, mailroom operations, and other miscellaneous office jobs. Business support can be closely tied with the categories of sales and entrepreneurism.

Business support stands out because it gives people the opportunity to try out different jobs and explore different industries in an indirect, simple way. Companies are known to provide education, benefits, and training to employees who perform well, even at entry-levels. Receiving such training can lead to internal promotions. For example, UPS, Chipotle, and Starbucks all provide tuition reimbursement rewards to employees who work for a certain period of time. At UPS, employees who work in warehouse distribution have the opportunity to receive medical benefits, overtime, and often get promoted to drivers or administrative roles if they stand out.

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