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The US Military is the largest military in the world and relies on the work of over 1.3 million servicemen and women. Military career paths cover an extremely broad range of jobs, roles, and work. Most people who work in the US Military are active duty officers or enlisted members, though some civilians do get jobs within the Armed Forces. The US Armed Forces currently consists of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and Space Force.

Though these are the 6 primary branches, there are other organizations related to the armed forces with different roles. The National Guard is made up of reserve members from both the Air Force and Army. The US Merchant Marine service is a federally-sponsored civilian service primarily focused on the transportation of cargo and passengers in US waters. Each branch offers different opportunities and jobs in the United States. Military career benefits outnumber the benefits of almost every other industry. Education, training, health coverage, housing, tuition, and experiences unique to military service are all key aspects of what the military has to offer.

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