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Skilled Trades are in high demand across the nation. Over the past few decades, the shift towards office and computer work has created a growing gap. Though people often worry about automation and robotics replacing human workers, skilled labor is not at risk. Skilled trades includes areas like masonry, electrician, and construction. However, you’ll also find high-tech career paths such as solar or wind energy.

Skilled trade careers offer numerous opportunities that office jobs will not allow. If you like to work with your hands, work outside, or move around frequently, then skilled trade jobs may be for you. As of 2018, blue collar businesses have reported a need for more workers, with some often unable to fill positions. Blue collar workers also experience rapid wage growth during their career and experience more job satisfaction then white collar counterparts. Skilled trade careers may enjoy the benefits of trade unions. In addition to offering training and recruitment, unions seek to improve pay, benefits, working conditions, or social and political status for their workers. Unions offer job security that many white collar organizations do not experience.

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